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The Girls

Our Border Terrier Family
Tamalee, Kenzy, Piper, Tweed, Isla, WonderFul.

Tamalee Wag Tunnel Queen April 2011


Narrabri Blue Margaritta ADX JD - was my first Border Terrier. Although Tamalee was happy to do agility, most of the time she didn't have the passion for it like Titian or Kenzy. 
Tamalee retired from competing when she was 11 years old.  Once retired she stayed home while I was away competing. Sadly we sad goodbye to Tamalee, Tubby Teapot, Tinkerbell, Turtle on 21/1/21, she was a few months shy of 18 years. Thankfully we got through lockdowns without any health issues.  Her heart was like an ox and although she had dementia and was deaf other health issues helped us make the right decision. We all still miss her quirky personality.

Jan 2012.jpg


Kenzy Windygyle Isla, ADXG, JDX, FD.

In 2008 I got my second Border Terrier, Kenzy. She loved everything, full of beans, quick to learn and gave anything a go, so I have begun to enjoy the sport again.

After being persuaded by a fellow agility buddy, we began with what is Kenzy's second most favourite sport...Flygility. A touch difficult at times with the long legged dogs she was drawn against, but she gave it her all and achieved two semi-final ribbons in under a year, along with a few points here and there. Also competing in the National team at the Fly Agility Nationals.

Then my world fell apart.

We lost Kenzy tragically in March 2016.  It was the worst day of my life. I am thankful I have her daughters Piper & Tweed Star, they remind me ever day

of how wonderful my darling Kenzy was.

I was so lucky to have had her in my life, I miss her terribly and always will.

Piper Mangawhai Spet 2012.jpg


Ottadale Cheviot Hills ADXS JD - Piper is a sweet girl having her preferences to different dog breeds.
She competes in agility at Intermediate level, has her JDX, ADX Silver, we are aiming then for GOLD. But unfortunately due to Covid and all the lockdowns we had in Auckland we weren't able to achieve the Gold. Piper retired from agility at the end of 2021.
Piper had her fist litter of puppies August 2016 and did an outstanding job, she obviously has her mothers maternal genes. I bred her once more before having her speyed.  She had three lovely boys, Archie, Stanley & Leonard that we are in touch with often.


Tweed Star

Ottadale River Tweed Star JDX ADXA Gold - Tweed Star is my first bred Blue and Tan.  She is cheeky and very independent. Tweed started competing in agility October 2016. Tweeds pastimes are barking a birds on our property, swimming, lots of tricks and doing dog gym. Tweed also appeared on the TV program Dog Almighty.  She was such a star. Tweed had her first and only litter in 2019, two girls, Meg & WonderFul (who also lives with us).  Tweed  is now speyed as she had a difficult time with whelping and is concentrating on her agility career.

Isla Smila.JPG


Ottadale Isla St Claire ADX - Isla is the third youngest in our household.  She is Pipers daughter, born in August 2016. 
Isla had her first litter 13/10/2020,  a singleton, Bonnie, has turned into a super wee girl and just loves everyone. Her second litter were 4 boys who all turned out to be fabulous dogs.  One went to Japan Rufi, Alfie went to live with Bonnie, Bear lives locally as does Mac. All such a a joy to raise. I am so lucky to see Bonnie and Alfie every month for play dates with the girls.
Isla was very respectful of our matriarch Tamalee and other seniors –
Isla has a very sweet nature and loves cuddles, (what BT doesn't) she can be sensitive at times when things are tense.
She has shown she can work well in agility but sometimes needs a lot more encouragement. We are still working with her agility career.
She had her first litter in 2021, even though a joyous time it was somewhat sad.  The first born was stillborn, second was a bonnie wee girl who has turned into the most adorable BT ever.  Bonnie, we see her a lot.



Ottadale Burwick Upon Tweed JD ADX 
WonderFul - (Tweed Stars) daughter is a special girl my wee Monkey, .  She's got the most unusual personality. She is very loving, bossy to the other older dogs, snores a lot, gurgle talks when she wants things her way and has an amazing clock she taps when she wants her dinner.  Daylight savings is a nightmare with this Monkey. WonderFul has been a challenge, hates water, loves her nails clipped,loathes being stripped, has the worst BT coat I have ever seen. BUT I wouldn't part with her for all the tea in China.

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